Great Room Makeover

My husband and I watch way too much HGTV and we really thought the process for renovating and redecorating was going to be simple.  It was not simple and it was quite a lengthy process.  Those shows have you thinking that you will decide what you want to change and in a weekend you will have a finished product.  Well it was not as easy as it looked and it took some time.  Our biggest project was removing the carpet and installing laminate flooring.  We thought it would take a weekend, but it ended up taking two grueling weekends to redo our living room and master bedroom flooring.  Throughout my time of redecorating the space I purchased a new couch, loveseat, and dining room table among other smaller changes.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any good pictures of the bare room.  I hope you still enjoy seeing the transformation from my initial decorations to the final look we achieved before we had to list the house for sale.  Overall it took about 2 years to get to what I wanted.  Enjoy the slideshow!

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