Urban Decay Naked Heat Alternative (Mac Eyeshadow singles)

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

This is just a fun post I felt like doing after discovering that I could have passed on buying the Naked Heat palette. I don’t regret the purchase, but I do already have a similar color scheme using my Mac single eyeshadows. If you are someone who already has these Mac eyeshadows, maybe it will help you realize you don’t need to buy the palette. This could also be helpful if you are someone who likes to curate your own colors and doesn’t like pre-made palettes.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Alternative (Mac brule, coppering, brown script, texture, saddle, embark)

I purposely did not swatch the colors from the Naked Heat side by side with the Mac shadows.  What I want to showcase is that the color schemes are similar and reminiscent of each other.  I find that when you start swatching things side by side it is easy to convince yourself that the tiniest difference will matter when on the eyes it rarely does.  If you want to see swatches for the Naked Heat palette you can check out my swatch post over on my old blog by clicking here (Sensitive Beauty Blog).

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