Spotlight on Low Buys (and decluttering)

The new trend in the beauty community seems to be not only decluttering but also using decluttering as a tool to kick-start a low or no buy.  As I was sorting through my thoughts and thinking about what I learned about both decluttering and being on a “low buy,” I decided to write them down and share it with you.  I put low buy in quotes because I don’t really consider myself on one anymore and I didn’t start the low buy because I needed to control spending.  I originally decided to slow down on purchases because I was buying things for blogging purposes and got very overwhelmed.  I finally realized at some point that if I just purchased and used what I wanted for myself that I would still have something to blog about.  I also was just getting into makeup when I started blogging and so a lot of what I was buying was me figuring out what worked and didn’t work for me.  Now that I’m out of the experimental phase and know what I like, it has been naturally easy to buy less because I already have the things that I like.

It is impossible to write this kind of topic without it sounding like you’re expressing rules, but keep in mind that you should keep the advice that works for you personally and disregard what doesn’t.

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Real Techniques Powder Bleu Collection Review

I picked these up back when they first launched (July 2017) and was really excited to give them a try.  This line is exclusive to the Real Techniques website and ranges in price from $10-$25.  There are only 6 items in this collection and it was created specifically to be used with powder products.  I decided to pass on the powder puff and the large kabuki brush and get the four other brushes.  I think the design is really beautiful and the brushes are extremely soft.  Aesthetically, I can see why they’d be more expensive than other brushes the brand has released.  Since the bristles are a new type of technology that they created for powders, that is also going to play into that higher price tag.

Real Techniques Powder Bleu Collection Review (B01, B02, B03, B04)

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Shop My Stash: Kat Von D MetalMatte Mini Palette

As soon as this palette came out I was very close to purchasing it from the Kat Von D website.  Previously I had two of her metal crush eyeshadows (Doce and Raw Power) on my makeup wishlist.  I initially thought that the price of $21.00 per shadow was the thing keeping me from actually making the purchase.  This palette being $39.00 and having both of my wishlist shades plus more, really made it seem like a good buy.  I also admit the packaging was part of what I wanted.  I missed out on the full sized version of this palette previously and I always thought the original artwork that Kat Von D did for this palette was amazing.  So after looking at the brand’s promo images, it got me thinking that the colors were looking like those same types of colors I often purchase.  I also started to realize that price wasn’t the only reason I didn’t purchase Doce and Raw Power in the past.  I actually don’t prefer myself in metallic eyeshadows.  So while I did really love the colors, I just don’t gravitate to super metallic finishes when it comes time to actually apply it to the eyes.

Shop my Stash: Kat Von D MetalMatte Mini Palette

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