Real Techniques Powder Bleu Collection Review

I picked these up back when they first launched (July 2017) and was really excited to give them a try.  This line is exclusive to the Real Techniques website and ranges in price from $10-$25.  There are only 6 items in this collection and it was created specifically to be used with powder products.  I decided to pass on the powder puff and the large kabuki brush and get the four other brushes.  I think the design is really beautiful and the brushes are extremely soft.  Aesthetically, I can see why they’d be more expensive than other brushes the brand has released.  Since the bristles are a new type of technology that they created for powders, that is also going to play into that higher price tag.

Real Techniques Powder Bleu Collection Review (B01, B02, B03, B04)

As far as performance goes, however, unless you really love the design, I think you can skip the powder brush (B01) and the complexion brush (B03) and think carefully about the other two based on what you personally like in a brush.  Although very soft and cut with a taper, the B01 is just a fluffy powder brush in my opinion.  I’ve tried using it for bronzer, but find that it is too fluffy to move the product effectively.  The B03 is good for applying powder foundation, but I have at least two other brushes that apply powder foundation just as well.  I personally find myself reaching for this B03 more when I do wear powder foundation, but I truly think that it is because of how beautiful the brush looks.

I find both the B02 Soft finishing brush and the B04 Soft Shadow Brush to be very versatile.  The B02 can be used for blush (unless you prefer a large blush brush), highlight, under eye setting powder and a soft contour (if you like a chiseled look it won’t get you there).  The B04 can be used for both diffused and defined crease work as well as placing an outer-v shade.  It also has a better price point than the other brushes.

If you are already happy with the brushes you have that perform these functions, I think you can also skip the B02 and B04.   I don’t think they necessarily outperform any of my other brushes.

Despite that fact that it still functions just as well as other brushes, to me the B04 Soft Shadow Brush is the star of this collection for me.  I don’t mind the price and I was really pleased with how well it worked.  For me lately I’ve been using a MAC brush for blending things in the crease and a Chanel brush for outer-v placement, so this brush is a steal in comparison to those.  I was also shocked that I could do a detailed crease and outer-v placement with such a large brush.  I’d say my eyes are medium sized, so if you have small eyes I don’t know that you’d find this to be true.  If you have small eyes, the only use you may get out of the B04 might be applying a blown out transition shade or dusting a base shade all over your lid.

I have not experienced what I would call shedding with these, maybe a hair or two every once in a while.  They wash easily and I haven’t seen any dye bleeding out of them.  I’ve been using and washing them for about 6 months now.  Overall, I’m not unhappy with my purchase and I do like the brushes.  But at this price point, I’m not blown away by how they work with powders, which is their claim to fame.  I have e.l.f. brushes that pick up powder better than these and the most expensive e.l.f brush that I own was $6.00.


If you are interested in taking a look at these, here are the individual page links for convenience.

B01 – Soft Powder Brush, $21.00

B02 – Soft Finishing Brush, $21.00

B03 – Soft Complexion Brush, $21.00

B04 – Soft Shadow Brush, $13.00

NOTE:  This review was originally posted on a previous blog of mine, Sensitive Beauty Blog. I decided to share it again here because I had some additional thoughts and experiences to share after contunued use.