Shop My Stash: Holiday 2018

Holiday makeup releases haven’t been as exciting for me this year.  The items that have caught my eye have fallen into two categories.  Category 1 are items that I like the color of but I don’t like the packaging.  Category 2 are items that I really like, but everything about it reminds me of things I own that I’ve been wanting to get back to using.  I decided not to insert any pictures of the Holiday 2018 items because I’m not saying these items are dupes.  They just made me say to myself “hey, you’ve been meaning to pull x item back out, now is a good time instead of buying another one.”



NARS Provacature Palette – NARS Loaded palette:

These color schemes and layout of these palettes are nothing alike.  The shades that are really pulling me in are the red and teal shades.  Unfortunately, I don’t actually wear those shades.  I also like the purple shade, but you don’t want to know how many purple eyeshadows I already have.  Add to that the fact that I’m not a fan of the packaging equals a pass.  I also haven’t given my NARS loaded palette enough love to know how I feel about the shadow formula, so it’d be nice to do that before sinking any more money into NARS eyeshadows.  Especially since I have my eye on some of their newly released and reformulated singles and duos.

NARS Loaded eyeshadow palette swatches medium dark skin

NARS Hot Tryst Palette – NARS wanted II palette:

Honestly, as pretty as the inside of this blush palette is, again I don’t like the outer package design.  I really enjoy the NARS wanted vol II palette and would rather show that some more love than compromise on the packaging of the new one.  Plus, NARS releases blush palettes constantly, so I’ll have another chance in the future to purchase another one that has packaging I actually like.

NARS Wanted Vol II palette swatches medium dark skin NARS Taos blush


MAC Shiny Pretty Face Compact, Medium/Deep – MAC whisper of gilt, Faux Sure! blush, NARS Falaises bronzer:

I love that they did two color variations, but I’m not sure how I feel about the packaging.  I would have really liked to try the extra dimension bronzer formula in a shade that would work on my skin tone, but I have the other two formulas that the palette has in my collection already.  So instead of buying this, I’m going to use two extra dimension formulas from MAC and a NARS bronzer.  The whisper of gilt that I have is from the Holiday 2017 collection and Faux Sure! blush is a permanent extra dimension blush.  For bronzer, I decided on the NARS bronzer because I thought the formula would be closer to the extra dimension bronzer formula than the MAC mineralize skinfinish natural formula that I own.  I’ll be honest, when I have a chance I’m going to check out the packaging in person, and I may decide to purchase this for that bronzer formula.  We shall see.

MAC extra dimension skinfinish whisper of gilt extra dimension blush faux sure Nars sunwash diffusing bronzer falaises swatches medium dark skin



MAC Shiny Pretty Repromotes – Any highlighter:

It is disappointing to see beaming blush, whisper of gilt, and oh darling (all are permanent products) in the collection.  I do see the value for those who have not tried or owned these products or may be at a point of needing to buy a replacement.  However, for me personally, I would have liked to see more than one unique shade in this release.  The unique, limited edition shade is called snowflushed.


Dior Midnight Wish 5 Couleurs 617 Lucky Star – Dior 857 Ruby:

This has definitely been the hardest item for me to pass on.  Sometimes I get caught up in that collecting mentality or the trap of trying to find something to buy in a collection release because I typically buy from the brand.  I was disappointed when I didn’t get anything from Dior’s fall release this year, so in my head, I just decided I’d likely find something in their holiday release that I would want. But when the collection was revealed I was again disappointed.  When I really started to think about the color scheme I realized that I can get that look with my MAC shadows, which are some of my favorite shadows.  So instead I’m going to take out one of the 5 Couleurs that I own already, 857 Ruby from Holiday 2017.

Dior 857 ruby precious rocks holiday 2017 swatches medium dark skin

MAC nude mini lip kit – MAC touch, MAC creme in your coffee, MAC persistence:

These colors definitely seem up my alley and the resistance is as simple as not wanting to make room for wearing them.  I asked myself, “if I get those shades, when will I get to wear some of my favorite lipsticks?”  Sometimes that sentiment works, and sometimes it doesn’t.  This time it worked.  I guess they aren’t that appealing to me after all.

MAC touch creme in your coffee persistence lipstick swatches medium dark skin


What I didn’t shop my stash for this holiday season (so far, at least) was a highlighter and an eyeshadow from the Chanel Holiday collection Libre.

Chanel Collection Libre 2018 Holiday illuminating powder 907 cuivre lame



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