e.l.f. Rose Gold Nude Eyeshadow Palette


elf rose gold nude eyeshadow palette swatches on dark skin review

I was trying to branch out in color story, so I went with this version of e.l.f.’s 10 pan palettes instead of the warmer Rose Gold Sunset palette.  As I certainly could have predicted, I mostly only like the warmer shades (6 and 8).  I found that I could only get use out of shades 5 – 10 based on 1 and 4 being too light and shade 2 and 3 being too light, sheer, and dusty in the application.  Shade 5 was a bit sheer and took more building and I wasn’t crazy about the shade on the eyes.   I think you can probably tell from the swatches that the second half of the palette is just more flattering on my skin in terms of color choice.  I do like the colors and functionality of the bottom row of swatches.  There is nothing super metallic in this palette, but shade 6 has the most pigment and shine to it.  Shade 7 is what I used as a blending the edges shade.  Shade 8 does work as a lid shade, but it doesn’t draw as much light to the center of the eye for my skin tone, but it performs nicely.  When I wanted depth I used shade 9 over.  That is just a personal preference, deep purples make my slightly hooded eyes look very hooded.  Shade 10 does have specks of larger mica particles in it, but since I didn’t use it much I can’t say how annoying that might be.

I think they are easy to use and buildable eyesahdows and I enjoyed the looks I’ve done.  I do wish I could use more of the palette and this is why I shy away from buying palettes in general.  I prefer a single shade (even if it costs more per shade) than to have to look at a palette full of shades I don’t like or can’t use.  I find that now that I’ve tested the shades, I really only want to use shade 6 and use shade 7 to blend the edges.  And using shade 7 is purely for the want to use more of the palette, I’d much prefer to use a different shade for that or nothing at all from a color choice perspective.

I think that if you like cooler toned eyeshadows, have tan to lighter skin tone and you like the e.l.f. formula then you’d likely enjoy this.  I would worry that those lighter shades are also going to cancel a lot of the palette out for darker skin.  I did find shades 2, 3, and 5 to perform worse than the others, so that is something to keep in mind.  They are workable, they just take more effort than the other shades.

This palette retails for $10.00 and I purchased mine from Target in store, but it is also available online.

Have you had any experience with this palette? Please consider sharing your thoughts.

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