Shop My Stash – Urban Decay Naked Cherry alternatives

Ever since Urban Decay released the Naked Cherry palette I have been trying to talk myself out of it.  I can’t even tell you how many times I was tempted to purchase it during a sale.  So with the current 15% off beauty sale that is now going on at Macy’s, I thought once again, I should give it a try.  One problem is, I only ever seem to want to actually make the purchase when it is discounted.  The bigger problem with buying it is that for my skin tone, it leans very pink for my preferences.  So each time it goes on sale, I have to remind myself that yes it is pretty, and yes I do like Urban Decay, but I still should not buy this particular palette.  So I thought that if I wrote a blog post sharing all this, that it would finally talk me out of this palette and keep me from revisiting the decision.  Only time will tell.

Makeup Geek Swatches grandstand anarchy tuscan sun bitten americano

So I pulled up temptalia’s website and looked at what dupes she had listed for the palette and sure enough, I actually own some of the dupes.  As I suspected, three of the dupes I own also happen to be some of my least favorite shades (makeup geek grandstand, Tuscan sun, and Americano).  While Makeup geek grandstand is a beautiful color and I like it swatched, I don’t like how light it appears when it is applied to my eyes.  I have not been able to find a way to use Tuscan sun that I like.  When I purchased it, I was hoping it would be a dupe for coastal scents petal peach, but it appears much pinker when I apply it to my skin than that shade.  You’ll notice in the swatches below that Tuscan sun doesn’t appear extremely pink, but when I apply it to my eyes it leans much more pink than the swatch.  Lastly, Americano is a very dark shade and I just don’t use shades like this when I do eyeshadow anymore.  The two shades that are listed as dupes that I do actually like are makeup geek’s anarchy and bitten.  These shades are not very pink in tone and I enjoy them both.

Makeup Geek eyeshadows grandstand anarchy tuscan sun bitten americano

If you’re not familiar with how I approach shop my stash, you can check out one of my previous posts where I came up with alternatives to the Tartelette Toasted Palette.  Basically, I aim for replicating the overall color scheme and feeling of the item I am looking for an alternative to, rather than trying to get exact dupes.  In this case, I am glad I put this grouping together because it reminded me that I can pretty much steer clear of pink shades.

Did you purchase the Naked Cherry palette or was it a pass for you too?


MAC Monday, Vol. 4

Mac recently released three new palettes as part of their Art Library Collection and I purchased the warm version called Flame-Boyant.  These are just some quick finger swatches to show you what the palette colors are like.

MAC Art Library Flame-boyant palette swatches on dark skin

I like to feature Mac Cosmetics because it is one of my favorites brands and I feel like it is getting harder to find swatches of their products on people similar to my skin tone.  If you are on Instagram and are a MAC Cosmetics lover, I encourage you to check out #MACMONDAY if you haven’t already.

MAC art library flame-boyant palette swatches on dark skin

MAC in Monochrome Collection

MAC recently released a limited collection of monochromatic looks surrounding some of their most popular lipstick colors.  I only purchased four items from the launch (so far 😉).  For a complete rundown of colors and items available you can check out the collection on the MAC website by clicking here.  This is a limited release collection, so the easiest access to everything is through the MAC website.  Other retailers that do have the collection available only have the capsules for See Sheer, Ruby Woo, and Velvet Teddy.  That means that if you want items from the Diva, Candy Yum-Yum, or Heroine capsules you’ll have to purchase through MAC.

I just thought I’d share swatches of the items I have because I didn’t really see any dark skin bloggers or vloggers showing this collection.  Dear Teddy eyeshadow is from the Velvet Teddy capsule, Diva don’t care blush and dare to Diva are from the Diva capsule, and Apple Red blush is from the Ruby Woo capsule.

mac dear teddy mac dare to diva mac diva don't care mac apple red
Did you buy anything from the collection? How do you like your items?