Shop My Stash – Spring 2019

I decided to share my thoughts on several products that I’ve been using lately.  I’ve been trying to be better about rotating products, so I thought if I did a roundup occasionally here on the blog that it would help.  It seems to me that I tend to use lesser talked about products, so hopefully, this information can help someone out.

mufe artist shadows M647 M705 M847 I702 I834 M608 bobbi brown tawny blush clinique 2 in 1 liquid foundation cream caramel urban decay vice lipstick backseat Lancome 05 Sparkling Peche Chanel 840 Patine Bronze dark skin

  1. Chanel Ombre Premiere Cream Shadow in Patine Bronze:  This formula is still the best cream shadow I’ve found that doesn’t make my eyes look crepey.  I’d love if I could find a cheaper option, but until I found this every cream shadow looked terrible on me.  Now that I know this one works, why stray?  Anyway, I love this color and it works great alone or as a base for other colors.  I also found it to be blendable enough to layer it on top of other shadows and to blend other shadows into the crease or outer-v if I used it as a lid color.
  2. Make Up For Ever Shadows:  These eyeshadows build and blend beautifully; even the darkest shade I worked with this time around (M608) was easily controlled.  I’m not sure I like M847, it may be too bright and attention grabbing for my taste, but I’m going to give it some more tries in different ways to see if there is a toned down way to use it.  M647 is not a bad shade on me, but not nearly as flattering on me as M705.  I’ve been using these with Smashbox eye brushes from their newer release of brushes and felt they worked well.  I mention the brushes because these shadows being pressed differently than the more powdery shadows that are popular at present typically starts the “what brush is best” conversation.  The texture of the mattes are not dry, they feel silky to the touch, but they don’t kick up powder, which I personally love.  Some of the shimmers tend to feel firmly packed, but so far I’ve had no issues getting any of them to work with a brush, but I do feel I have occasional issues if I’m using my fingers.  These shadows are newer to me, so I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts as I continue to rotate through them.
  3. Bobbi Brown Blush in Tawny:  This is my second favorite blush formula after MAC, and while I love this formula, I feel like the shade Sand Pink gives a healthier sheen to the skin.  They are both a matte formula, and the difference could be just in my head or it could just mean that the shade Sand Pink looks better on my complexion.  The color tawny is a nice neutral everyday blush and in my opinion, it will likely look good with any lip color.
  4. Lancome Dual Finish Highlighter in 05 Sparkling Peche:  This is a really nice underrated formula in my opinion.  It is more intense than I like, but the powder is soft and cream-like without any powdery kick up, very unique texture.  For my preferences, after application, I have to go over it with my foundation brush to tone it down.  Once I do that I think it looks stunning, and I don’t think that everyone would feel the need to tone it down the way I do.  I will also say that the intensity of this highlighter for me could have more to do with the shade than the formula.  If it was a little deeper in color, it might not appear so intense on me, so that is something to keep in mind if you are lighter than me, it may very well be more subtle on the skin.  The color of it isn’t my favorite color tone either, it is more of yellow gold on me rather than peach.
  5. Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation in 21 cream caramel:  I have dry skin and this is the best-looking finish I’ve ever seen on my skin from a liquid foundation.  I feel like the color is a little dark and orange for me, but it is the best match that this line has for me.  I feel like my best foundation match right now is Estee Lauder Double Wear in the shade 5W1 Bronze.  I don’t have a big problem with the fact that the shade is a little off for me.  Once it is blended in and the rest of my makeup is applied the color match works fine, but since sometimes people want a color reference, I did want to make mention of it.  I have no issues with wear time, but due to my dry skin, I hardly ever do.  I have worn it on its own, but didn’t like how easily it transfers so I prefer to set it with powder, but the so far the only powder that doesn’t change the beautiful finish is the MAC Next to Nothing Powder.  I will definitely be using this foundation some more to see if I continue to enjoy it.  Clinique has recently expanded the shade range of this line (and renamed the shades), so if I finish this bottle I’ll buy the shade Latte next.  I was able to see the new shades in Sephora to make that decision.
  6. Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Backseat (cream finish):  This is a unique color for me and I really love it.  I really like the vice cream formula, I also own Ravenswood and fuel 2.0 in this finish.  I’d recommend checking out the formula if you like cream lipsticks but the formula on fuel 2.0 is not as good as Ravenswood and backseat, so it seems to vary a little by color.  I do also have a Sephora and exclusive matte shade in tampered that I also enjoy despite the fact that I don’t typically like mattes, but I’d say it is closer to a satin finish.
  7. MAC Shiny Pretty Things Face Compact in Medium/Deep:  If you read my Holiday Shop My Stash Post, you may remember I was trying to avoid buying this item but said I may change my mind once I saw the packaging in person.  Well, I had the chance to do that at a Cosmetics Company Store where it was on sale plus there was an additional 40% off that day.  So as you can see, I did purchase it expecting to only love the bronzer but I do actually like the entire palette and I’m happy I bought it.  The blush has a beautiful satin finish that I find to have less shine than their single extra dimension blushes.   The color is a nice everyday shade and it pairs really well with Urban Decay Backseat lipstick.  The bronzer is blendable and has a nice tone despite the fact that I typically prefer something a touch more red-leaning.  The biggest surprise for me was that I really loved the highlighter.  I find it to give a lit from within glow that looks natural.  I do not apply highlight heavily, so that may be something to keep in mind.
  8. MAC Next to Nothing Powder in Dark: I found this powder to be a little pink in the undertone, but matched up with the Clinique foundation which is a bit too orange for me, I felt like they balanced each other out.  This powder has a nice natural looking finish that I felt paired well with the Clinique foundation.  Other powder products blend well over this powder despite that fact that it doesn’t seem to mattify the skin completely.  Unfortunately, as the day wears on, my jaw area starts to look grey, and since I’ve worn the Clinique foundation without it, I think its the powder causing that issue.  I haven’t tried this powder paired with anything else as of yet, so I can’t say if its a problem caused by these two particular products paired together.

Buy This, Not That: Duo Fiber Blush Brush

eco tools sheer finish blush brush vs mac 139s synthetic brush

I have been putting these two brushes to the test for the past year and while I do think one is better, I personally don’t prefer to use either for blush application.  I always feel like no matter how lightly I try to apply blush, they both disturb the foundation underneath.  I initially wanted to try these brushes out to see if they more easily diffused my more pigmented blushes, but I’ve found that I just don’t like this style of brush. Despite my personal preference, they do apply blush nicely and with more pigmented blushes I do think they diffuse the pigment more easily than a traditional blush brush.  If I wasn’t attempting to review these items, I’m really not sure if I would have noticed my foundation having less coverage on the cheeks after applying.

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MAC Monday: Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Bronzer Shades

Since everyone is talking about bronzers right now anyway, I thought I’d share a couple from MAC’s permanent collection.  As you can likely tell from the picture, these pull quite orange on me, especially sun power.  Sun power actually becomes more orange the longer I wear it on my face, so I decided to try the shade give me sun instead.  At first glance, it seems like it will be my skin tone, but if it oxidizes on my skin the way the shade sun power does, it might work out for me.   Either way, the sun power shade is on its way out the door.

MAC Mineralize skinfinish natural sun power give me sun swatched on dark skin

If you are on Instagram and are a MAC Cosmetics lover, I encourage you to check out #MACMONDAY if you haven’t already.



MAC Monday, Vol. 4

Mac recently released three new palettes as part of their Art Library Collection and I purchased the warm version called Flame-Boyant.  These are just some quick finger swatches to show you what the palette colors are like.

MAC Art Library Flame-boyant palette swatches on dark skin

I like to feature Mac Cosmetics because it is one of my favorites brands and I feel like it is getting harder to find swatches of their products on people similar to my skin tone.  If you are on Instagram and are a MAC Cosmetics lover, I encourage you to check out #MACMONDAY if you haven’t already.

MAC art library flame-boyant palette swatches on dark skin

MAC in Monochrome Collection

MAC recently released a limited collection of monochromatic looks surrounding some of their most popular lipstick colors.  I only purchased four items from the launch (so far 😉).  For a complete rundown of colors and items available you can check out the collection on the MAC website by clicking here.  This is a limited release collection, so the easiest access to everything is through the MAC website.  Other retailers that do have the collection available only have the capsules for See Sheer, Ruby Woo, and Velvet Teddy.  That means that if you want items from the Diva, Candy Yum-Yum, or Heroine capsules you’ll have to purchase through MAC.

I just thought I’d share swatches of the items I have because I didn’t really see any dark skin bloggers or vloggers showing this collection.  Dear Teddy eyeshadow is from the Velvet Teddy capsule, Diva don’t care blush and dare to Diva are from the Diva capsule, and Apple Red blush is from the Ruby Woo capsule.

mac dear teddy mac dare to diva mac diva don't care mac apple red
Did you buy anything from the collection? How do you like your items?