bareMinerals Bounce & Blur Eyeshadow Palette and Blush (swatches)

Bounce & Blur Collection (Summer 2019)

bareMinerals Bounce and Blur Dusk Eyeshadow Palette and Coral Cloud Blush

I was lucky enough to stumble on this new collection in my local base exchange.  This collection hasn’t even launched on the bareMinerals website yet, but there is a bundle deal available today on HSN.  According to the HSN price breakdown, these items retail for $29.00 each.

The items in this collection are being marketed as having a “Fingertip-friendly bouncy powder” formula.  I don’t have a lot of experience with this type of formula, but I’d say they are like the Colourpop super shock formula.  I have never tried the super shock eyeshadows, so I can’t directly compare the eyeshadow formula.  However, I have tried two super shock blushes and a super shock highlighter and I find the blush formula to be similar.

bareMinerals Bounce & Blur Eyeshadow Palette in Dusk

bareMinerals Bounce and Blur Dusk Eyeshadow Palette Swatches on Dark Skin

The eyeshadow palette is going to be released in 2 colors (warm and cool). I purchased the warm version named Dusk.

This is my first time using eyeshadows with this type of texture. While I did find that they were workable with a brush, they applied much easier and built quicker when using my fingers. I found these shadows to look smooth on the lids, which I find to be true of the regular bareMinerals powder formula as well. They are not extremely pigmented but they are being marketed as sheer to buildable, which I find to be true. They blend into each other very easily, even when used with just my fingers.

All of the shades appear on the lids as a satin finish, up close you can see the mica particles but it doesn’t create a lot of shine on the lids. It’s hard to be precise when applying the two darkest shades (sepia sky and purple twilight) with fingers. Luckily, these shadows do work with a brush and although that will give a more sheer application, that is more often a good thing for dark shades. If you’d like to do a smoky eye with the dark shades on the lid and using the red (crimson sunset) or gold (harvest moon) to blend that out, these will operate fine for that in my opinion. The darkest shade (purple twilight) is much drier in texture than the others, which I’d like to believe was intentional so it could be used with a brush easier for eyeliner or precise outer-v placement. Purple Twilight has visible shimmer running through it that isn’t picking up on camera, but I didn’t notice it show up on the eyes.

bareMinerals Bounce and Blur Dusk Eyeshadow Palette

bareMinerals Bounce & Blur Blush in Coral Cloud

bareMinerals Bounce and Blur Coral Cloud Blush Swatches on Dark Skin

The blush is going to be released in 4 colors.  I purchased the shade coral cloud.

Same story as the eye shadows, the blush works better with fingers but does also work with a brush.  The formula is buildable as they have marketed, it took 3 layers for me to be happy with the amount of color.  If you have lighter skin, I’d imagine it would build faster.  There is sparkle running throughout this shade that the camera is not picking up on.  You can’t see it from a distance once it is on the face but you can see it up close and it spreads around the face a little.

I do like this formula better than the blushes I have used from Colourpop, I found it overall easier to use.  I appreciate the fact that although it is designed and intended for use with the fingers that it does still work with a brush.

bareMinerals Bounce and Blur Coral Cloud Blush
Are you excited about this bareMinerals release? Have you seen it in store yet?

bareMinerals Gen Nude Latte Palette

Review and Swatches

bareminerals gen nude latte eyeshadow palette dark skin swatches review
I’ve had this little palette for just over a year now and I really enjoy the simplicity of it.  The textures on these are smooth (almost creamy feeling) and nicely pigmented.  The shimmer shades work well with both fingers and a brush.  I’ve only used the mattes with a brush and they blend easily, but I do have to be light handed with the deepest shade.  In terms of formula, it is much softer than my preferred type of eyeshadow formula (MAC, MUFE), but I didn’t notice any fallout.  I personally don’t like the really soft creamy metallics and loosely packed mattes that are popular lately.  This seemed to strike a good balance between the two.  Although the shimmers feel creamy, there isn’t any excess powder kick up or chunks to smooth out.

I do find that I have to kind of smoosh/dig my brush into the shimmer shadows to pick up the amount of pigment I need, but nothing bothersome for me.  When using my finger to apply, however, there is no issue getting them to pick up.  A brush will pick up a small amount of pigment by swiping, and the intensity can be built from there.  However, for my skin tone, I find that digging in a little gets me the result I’m looking for faster.  I also find that I tend to do this brush technique with some of the MUFE artist color shadows and MAC shadows.  Basically, whenever I find a shadow hard to pick up on a brush I use a dense synthetic brush and if that still gives me issue, I’ll dig in a little.

The top shades (fringed and destiny) are shimmers, but they are more toward satin than metallic.  The middle shades (firefly and feels) are shimmers but unlike the top shades, they lean toward metallic.  The bottom two shades (solstice and spirit) are mattes.  I shy away from metallic finishes because of their tendency to make my eyelids look crepey.  However, these eyeshadows actually make my lids appear quite smooth.

bareminerals gen nude latte eyeshadow palette dark skin swatches review


I’ve seen some reviews mention that the compact is hard to open and that is true when it is brand new, but over time, mine became much easier to open.  Like I mentioned, I’ve had it a little over a year and don’t notice any issue when opening it now.

I don’t personally do elaborate eye looks, and typically only use a lid shade and a transition shade when I do eyeshadow.  So if you like to do more complicated looks this may be too basic.  I’d recommend checking these palettes out in store if you have been curious.  They are very pigmented while still being easy to work with and they have other color variations.  The brand does give a palette suggestion based on your skin tone (which can be helpful for beginners) but you can try whatever colorway appeals to you.  I wish more people were raving about these, but I’m sure the basic nature of them makes them less exciting than other items on the market.  You can find these at for $29.00.
Have you tried any of these palettes?  What was your experience?

Shop My Stash – Spring 2019

I decided to share my thoughts on several products that I’ve been using lately.  I’ve been trying to be better about rotating products, so I thought if I did a roundup occasionally here on the blog that it would help.  It seems to me that I tend to use lesser talked about products, so hopefully, this information can help someone out.

mufe artist shadows M647 M705 M847 I702 I834 M608 bobbi brown tawny blush clinique 2 in 1 liquid foundation cream caramel urban decay vice lipstick backseat Lancome 05 Sparkling Peche Chanel 840 Patine Bronze dark skin

  1. Chanel Ombre Premiere Cream Shadow in Patine Bronze:  This formula is still the best cream shadow I’ve found that doesn’t make my eyes look crepey.  I’d love if I could find a cheaper option, but until I found this every cream shadow looked terrible on me.  Now that I know this one works, why stray?  Anyway, I love this color and it works great alone or as a base for other colors.  I also found it to be blendable enough to layer it on top of other shadows and to blend other shadows into the crease or outer-v if I used it as a lid color.
  2. Make Up For Ever Shadows:  These eyeshadows build and blend beautifully; even the darkest shade I worked with this time around (M608) was easily controlled.  I’m not sure I like M847, it may be too bright and attention grabbing for my taste, but I’m going to give it some more tries in different ways to see if there is a toned down way to use it.  M647 is not a bad shade on me, but not nearly as flattering on me as M705.  I’ve been using these with Smashbox eye brushes from their newer release of brushes and felt they worked well.  I mention the brushes because these shadows being pressed differently than the more powdery shadows that are popular at present typically starts the “what brush is best” conversation.  The texture of the mattes are not dry, they feel silky to the touch, but they don’t kick up powder, which I personally love.  Some of the shimmers tend to feel firmly packed, but so far I’ve had no issues getting any of them to work with a brush, but I do feel I have occasional issues if I’m using my fingers.  These shadows are newer to me, so I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts as I continue to rotate through them.
  3. Bobbi Brown Blush in Tawny:  This is my second favorite blush formula after MAC, and while I love this formula, I feel like the shade Sand Pink gives a healthier sheen to the skin.  They are both a matte formula, and the difference could be just in my head or it could just mean that the shade Sand Pink looks better on my complexion.  The color tawny is a nice neutral everyday blush and in my opinion, it will likely look good with any lip color.
  4. Lancome Dual Finish Highlighter in 05 Sparkling Peche:  This is a really nice underrated formula in my opinion.  It is more intense than I like, but the powder is soft and cream-like without any powdery kick up, very unique texture.  For my preferences, after application, I have to go over it with my foundation brush to tone it down.  Once I do that I think it looks stunning, and I don’t think that everyone would feel the need to tone it down the way I do.  I will also say that the intensity of this highlighter for me could have more to do with the shade than the formula.  If it was a little deeper in color, it might not appear so intense on me, so that is something to keep in mind if you are lighter than me, it may very well be more subtle on the skin.  The color of it isn’t my favorite color tone either, it is more of yellow gold on me rather than peach.
  5. Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation in 21 cream caramel:  I have dry skin and this is the best-looking finish I’ve ever seen on my skin from a liquid foundation.  I feel like the color is a little dark and orange for me, but it is the best match that this line has for me.  I feel like my best foundation match right now is Estee Lauder Double Wear in the shade 5W1 Bronze.  I don’t have a big problem with the fact that the shade is a little off for me.  Once it is blended in and the rest of my makeup is applied the color match works fine, but since sometimes people want a color reference, I did want to make mention of it.  I have no issues with wear time, but due to my dry skin, I hardly ever do.  I have worn it on its own, but didn’t like how easily it transfers so I prefer to set it with powder, but the so far the only powder that doesn’t change the beautiful finish is the MAC Next to Nothing Powder.  I will definitely be using this foundation some more to see if I continue to enjoy it.  Clinique has recently expanded the shade range of this line (and renamed the shades), so if I finish this bottle I’ll buy the shade Latte next.  I was able to see the new shades in Sephora to make that decision.
  6. Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Backseat (cream finish):  This is a unique color for me and I really love it.  I really like the vice cream formula, I also own Ravenswood and fuel 2.0 in this finish.  I’d recommend checking out the formula if you like cream lipsticks but the formula on fuel 2.0 is not as good as Ravenswood and backseat, so it seems to vary a little by color.  I do also have a Sephora and exclusive matte shade in tampered that I also enjoy despite the fact that I don’t typically like mattes, but I’d say it is closer to a satin finish.
  7. MAC Shiny Pretty Things Face Compact in Medium/Deep:  If you read my Holiday Shop My Stash Post, you may remember I was trying to avoid buying this item but said I may change my mind once I saw the packaging in person.  Well, I had the chance to do that at a Cosmetics Company Store where it was on sale plus there was an additional 40% off that day.  So as you can see, I did purchase it expecting to only love the bronzer but I do actually like the entire palette and I’m happy I bought it.  The blush has a beautiful satin finish that I find to have less shine than their single extra dimension blushes.   The color is a nice everyday shade and it pairs really well with Urban Decay Backseat lipstick.  The bronzer is blendable and has a nice tone despite the fact that I typically prefer something a touch more red-leaning.  The biggest surprise for me was that I really loved the highlighter.  I find it to give a lit from within glow that looks natural.  I do not apply highlight heavily, so that may be something to keep in mind.
  8. MAC Next to Nothing Powder in Dark: I found this powder to be a little pink in the undertone, but matched up with the Clinique foundation which is a bit too orange for me, I felt like they balanced each other out.  This powder has a nice natural looking finish that I felt paired well with the Clinique foundation.  Other powder products blend well over this powder despite that fact that it doesn’t seem to mattify the skin completely.  Unfortunately, as the day wears on, my jaw area starts to look grey, and since I’ve worn the Clinique foundation without it, I think its the powder causing that issue.  I haven’t tried this powder paired with anything else as of yet, so I can’t say if its a problem caused by these two particular products paired together.

e.l.f. Rose Gold Nude Eyeshadow Palette


elf rose gold nude eyeshadow palette swatches on dark skin review

I was trying to branch out in color story, so I went with this version of e.l.f.’s 10 pan palettes instead of the warmer Rose Gold Sunset palette.  As I certainly could have predicted, I mostly only like the warmer shades (6 and 8).  I found that I could only get use out of shades 5 – 10 based on 1 and 4 being too light and shade 2 and 3 being too light, sheer, and dusty in the application.  Shade 5 was a bit sheer and took more building and I wasn’t crazy about the shade on the eyes.   I think you can probably tell from the swatches that the second half of the palette is just more flattering on my skin in terms of color choice.  I do like the colors and functionality of the bottom row of swatches.  There is nothing super metallic in this palette, but shade 6 has the most pigment and shine to it.  Shade 7 is what I used as a blending the edges shade.  Shade 8 does work as a lid shade, but it doesn’t draw as much light to the center of the eye for my skin tone, but it performs nicely.  When I wanted depth I used shade 9 over.  That is just a personal preference, deep purples make my slightly hooded eyes look very hooded.  Shade 10 does have specks of larger mica particles in it, but since I didn’t use it much I can’t say how annoying that might be.

I think they are easy to use and buildable eyesahdows and I enjoyed the looks I’ve done.  I do wish I could use more of the palette and this is why I shy away from buying palettes in general.  I prefer a single shade (even if it costs more per shade) than to have to look at a palette full of shades I don’t like or can’t use.  I find that now that I’ve tested the shades, I really only want to use shade 6 and use shade 7 to blend the edges.  And using shade 7 is purely for the want to use more of the palette, I’d much prefer to use a different shade for that or nothing at all from a color choice perspective.

I think that if you like cooler toned eyeshadows, have tan to lighter skin tone and you like the e.l.f. formula then you’d likely enjoy this.  I would worry that those lighter shades are also going to cancel a lot of the palette out for darker skin.  I did find shades 2, 3, and 5 to perform worse than the others, so that is something to keep in mind.  They are workable, they just take more effort than the other shades.

This palette retails for $10.00 and I purchased mine from Target in store, but it is also available online.

Have you had any experience with this palette? Please consider sharing your thoughts.

Buy This, Not That: Duo Fiber Blush Brush

eco tools sheer finish blush brush vs mac 139s synthetic brush

I have been putting these two brushes to the test for the past year and while I do think one is better, I personally don’t prefer to use either for blush application.  I always feel like no matter how lightly I try to apply blush, they both disturb the foundation underneath.  I initially wanted to try these brushes out to see if they more easily diffused my more pigmented blushes, but I’ve found that I just don’t like this style of brush. Despite my personal preference, they do apply blush nicely and with more pigmented blushes I do think they diffuse the pigment more easily than a traditional blush brush.  If I wasn’t attempting to review these items, I’m really not sure if I would have noticed my foundation having less coverage on the cheeks after applying.

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Real Techniques Powder Bleu Collection Review

I picked these up back when they first launched (July 2017) and was really excited to give them a try.  This line is exclusive to the Real Techniques website and ranges in price from $10-$25.  There are only 6 items in this collection and it was created specifically to be used with powder products.  I decided to pass on the powder puff and the large kabuki brush and get the four other brushes.  I think the design is really beautiful and the brushes are extremely soft.  Aesthetically, I can see why they’d be more expensive than other brushes the brand has released.  Since the bristles are a new type of technology that they created for powders, that is also going to play into that higher price tag.

Real Techniques Powder Bleu Collection Review (B01, B02, B03, B04)

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